Special Edition Orange and Turquoise Nintendo 3DS XL’s Available in Japan




special 3ds

A thing of beauty isn’t she? I recently went to Nintendo of Japan’s official site and I did a bit of scavenging (Although I cannot read in Japanese.) And I found a pretty cool thing! It’s called the Nintendo 3DS LL Limited Pack (Rough Translation). These two 3DS XL’s come in 2 colors, Orange, and Turquoise. You’ll also get a orange pouch or a turquoise pouch depending on the model that you pick up. If you’re wondering, this already came out on the 28th in Japan. If you’d like to get one for around 19,900(about $195 USD).


Now it’s not too clear if this model is region locked, but one thing is for sure,  this product will be in high demand in North America and Europe. Do you want one? Will you be ordering it from Japan? Let us know in the comments! Also if you want to see the site for yourself, click here!

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