Sonic Lost World – Yoshi’s Island DLC Now Available!


Those Yoshi’s look so cute and happy! You’re going to save them during your playthrough…right?…RIGHT?

Yoshi’s Island DLC is available now on the Nintendo eshop and is free for all owners of Sonic Lost World on the Nintendo Wii U!


Sonic’s found his way to a different dimension and just so happened to stop by the lush environments that Yoshi’s Island has to offer. As you blaze through the level you will obviously notice many homages to Yoshi’s Island such as collecting coins, and going through pipes. To prevent it from going too off track, Sonic still has his signature loop de loops hear and there. Think you can collect all the Yoshi eggs and save the Yoshi’s? You’ll have to travel through it’s multiple hidden pathways and pipes if you are willing!

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