Here’s a Sneak Peak at Turtle Tales for the Wii U

Turtle Tales Wii U 2

Recently, the developer of Turtle Tales for the Nintendo 3DS, reached out to us with some new Turtle Tales Wii U screenshots! The engine that the developers used to make allowed them to easily port the game to the Wii U, so hopefully we’ll see more games do the same in the future! Without further ado, I present to you, the screenshots:

Turtle Tales Wii U 2

Turtle Tales Wii U

Turtle Tales Wii U 3

Here’s a description of Turtle Tales from the developers:

With Turtle Tale, we wanted to go back to the basics and make a game that focuses just on classic platformer mechanics. We broke away from the sci-fi themes we used before and went with a bright, colorful look and a lighthearted feel. The game sticks to jump & shoot gameplay, played over 5 different areas of the island. Each area features a different types of enemies & challenges. The main game features 15 levels, with an additional 15 harder levels unlocked if players collect all the fruit in every level.

Will you be picking this fun game up? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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