Smash Wii U Opening Cinematic Revealed

Nintendo has revealed a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U! Check it out below:


Not satisfied? Expecting something more along the lines of the legendary Melee opener?  Well, so have many others, and at the very least it’s causing commotion, something that is of dire need in a time like this; Nintendo’s biggest release since Mario Kart that has been hoisted up as a vital piece of the puzzle that is the Wii U dilemma. Anyhow, the big fuss is that the intro consists of pre-existing cut scenes already released earlier in the year, along with complimentary gameplay footage.  In many ways I’m okay with nothing ever living up to the famous Melee intro as it only further solidifies its place in Smash history and stays a unique hallmark of our childhood, unmatched by anything else (so why even try?). And with Nintendo’s proud and headstrong behavior towards refusing to repeat the past, how could anyone expect anything else? So, what say you of this new intro?

In any case don’t forget, it’s November 21st for the folks in North America, and early December for the rest of you guys!  Trailer hopes dashed or not, you can expect this game will satisfy you beyond anything else a great trailer ever could. Am I wrong?

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