Smash Bros Pic of the Day

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Lives and breathes competitive Smash. Show me ya moves!

  • Randall

    Hey man jw what happened to Or however it was
    And all the other posts? I really like this website man

  • jelani435

    Oh ya, sorry about that. We switched our domain name so we lost the posts, I still have the posts in the database so we’re working on getting them back! Sorry for the delay :(

  • Zarb

    This game looks so good. Still a little bit chunky, but I guess that’s because the camera is zoomed in a lot and is at an angle that you don’t normally see during gameplay.

  • Randall

    Doood no worries my man :)
    Its always nice to meet someone who is passionate about video games… especially NINTENDO GAMES because in my eyes its the only company worth playing they’re games :)
    Btw thanks for making this blog and keeping up with info !!!

  • jelani435

    Wow thanks man! Your support means a lot! And thanks for reading this blog :D Just curious though, how did you end up finding this site? Just wondering because I’m doing a little survey.