Smash Bros. Pic of the Day: Pikachu’s Thunder Attack Will Definitely Shock You!

Pikachu Thunder Attack Smash Bros. 4

Pikachu Thunder Attack Smash Bros. 4

In today’s Smash Bros. picture of the day, Sakurai showed off Pikachu’s super effective Thunder attack! Here’s the info that came along with the screenshot:

Pic of the day. Pikachu’s Thunder now starts off with a thundercloud that deals a Meteor Smash! From left to right, you can see this combo starting with Pikachu throwing the opponent upward, Meteor Smashing with the lightning strike, and then directly attacking. Foes can dodge, of course, so the attack won’t hit consistently, but when it does, it sure feels good!

This move has made appearance’s in all of the previous Smash Bros. games and it definitely deals out a lot of damage! Definitely looking forward to using this move. You can check out yesterday’s Smash Bros. Pic of the day right here.

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