Smash Bros. Pic of the Day: Pikachu has a Little Present for us…

Smash Bros. 4 Direct

Smash Bros. 4 Direct

Everyone is still preparing for the Smash Bros. Direct hype, and to celebrate this, Masahiro Sakurai has made a little announcement in the Smash Bros. picture of the day. Here’s what he said:

Pic of the day, and a very important announcement. On 4/8, at 3 PM PST (8/4 11 PM UK time), we’ll be airing a Super Smash Bros. Direct!! There will be all kinds of info about the new Smash Bros. games on this simultaneous global stream that will be delivered “directly” to you, so don’t miss it! It’s airing at a really late time for some of you, but it’ll probably be worth the wait. You can watch the stream from the official site (

Let the excitement begin! I’m still undecided on doing a liveblog about this, but make sure to check back about an hour before the Smash Bros. direct begins! Besides the release window, what do YOU think will be announced in the Smash Bros. Direct? You can let me know by leaving a comment below!

Source: Miiverse

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