You Can Now Play Super Smash Bros. on Your Calculator

The Calculator, Even More Convenient than the Game Pad

If Project M proves anything its that gameplay is king and graphics are the afterthought, at least when it comes to great games like the Smash franchise.  So its no wonder that we’ve stumbled upon our latest fandom creation, Smash Open.; Smash for your calculator!  Are the controls convenient and user friendly? Heck-no!  Is the screen HD and vibrant with eye-popping color? Of course not!  But it is Smash, and no doubt it will be the envy of every High School classmate sitting next to you.

Hayleia, the online alias of the game’s creator provides us with a few details explaining that Fox and Falco are the only current playable characters so far. Additionally, the project’s engine is modular, but in plain English that simply means that new characters can be brought to life without having to use the source code.  In other words feel free to run wild with your imagination and start making fighters!  You can download the source code and even throw a shout out with some moral or financial support here.

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