Shut The Box eShop Mini-Review (Wii U)

Shut the box is a simple game, like most card games are. The premise is simple: you roll a pair of dice and remove cards that add up to or equal the number you rolled. Your goal is to remove all the cards from play. Then you’re challenged to beat your high score the next time around. The touch screen controls, mellow music, and lack of a time limit make this a perfect Off-TV game. It provides a great companion while watching TV or some nice quiet time. It’s low price point makes this a  great game to pick up if you have a few dollars left in your eShop wallet.

However, the game lacks any sort of content outside of what’s described above. It’s not quite as extensive with content as RCMADIAX’s other games, like BLOK DROP U.

I don’t feel like I can rate this game as it’s too simple to place on a scale that rates against full studio games. I can, however, give this game my full recommendation to anyone who’s looking for a fun, challenging off-tv game.

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