Shulk amiibo Pre-Orders Available, Exclusive to GameStop

Shulk amiibo GameStop

Earlier today Nintendo confirmed that some amiibo figurines would be retailer-exlcusive, however, those details weren’t specified. Now, it appears that we’ve received our first look at retailer-exclusive amiibos with the unveiling of Shulk amiibo pre-orders on the official GameStop website.

Shulk amiibo

Shulk is really feeling it!

If you take a look at the title, it says that the Shulk amiibo is GameStop exclusive, so looks like you know where you’ll need to visit next if you plan on picking him up!

The Shulk amiibo is said to be priced at $12.99 and there’s no word yet on whether Shulk will be available on GameSpot’s Canadian counterpart EB Games, but we’ll keep you updated with that info.

Haven’t had enough Shulk?

Source: GameSpot Online Store Via: Nintendo Everything

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