Select Third Party Switch Games Not Selling Well In Japan

Despite the positive launch of the Nintendo Switch and its key software in Japan, not all games fared well, sales-wise. Media Create Charts’ expanded listing shows that I Am Setsuna and Disgaea 5 Complete, were only able to sell through 20 to 40 percent of their initial shipments.

During the Switch’s launch week, Disgaea 5 Complete charted in 22nd place and sold approximately 5,065 units. I Am Setsuna charted at 26th and sold 4,625 units. By contrast, Disgaea 5 moved 43,000 copies when it originally launched on PlayStation 4, while I Am Setsuna sold a combined  61,623 units on both PS4 and PlayStation Vita in its first week.

Both Disgaea 5 and I Am Setsuna are ports of titles that were originally released on pre-existing platforms, which would account for their higher launch sales. The Switch has only just launched, but low third party sales may become worrying for major support in the future. Low sales on third party games was a particular issue the Wii U faced, which led to a mass exodus of support back in its day. More is to come on the Switch’s exact sales story as it develops.


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