More Sega 3D Classics Heading Westward

This morning SEGA announced that the second wave of their 3D Classics series will be released outside of Japan starting in early 2015. Joining the already large number of re-built arcade and Genesis games are 3D versions of Afterburner II, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II, Outrun, and Thunder Blade. Much like the previously released 3D Classics, the games promise to be incredibly accurate to their arcade counterparts while also providing a wealth of options and additions not found in their original releases. For example, 3D Fantasy Zone II includes an entirely new game mode and 3D Outrun features two new songs by composers Manabu Namiki and Jaelyn Nisperos (A.K.A. chibi-tech).

Whether you’re interested in having portable versions of games like Outrun, finding out why exactly the full title for Fantasy Zone’s sequel is Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa (if you happen to find out, please let me know), or simply want to hear someone yell “FIRE” at you for about ten minutes, developer M2’s quality arcade ports are likely right up your alley at the affordable price of $5.99/€4.99/£4.49 per game. If you want to know more about what sets these titles apart from their originals, I’d suggest reading through the series of fascinating interviews on the development of the first wave of 3D Classics found here to get a good idea.

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