Satoru Iwata Speaks Out About Expanding Gaming Population And Creating Ties With Consumers

When asked about what kind of audiences he would like to reach by redefining the concept of video game platforms, utilizing smart devices, and changing the way that Nintendo sells hardware and software at an investors meeting, Satoru Iwata had a very informative response:

The reason we talked about such points today was because there are many consumers who are perhaps not so interested in games but are passionate about trying something interesting, and, in expanding the gaming population, we are considering how we can get our messages across to these consumers, create ties with them and develop an environment in which it is easy for them to participate. I only talked about software in detail despite promising to change the way we sell both hardware and software, but we would also like to change the way we sell our hardware from now on, too, and we think that it will be very important to make it as easy as possible for consumers to buy hardware. Particularly, if we are able to manage and recognize customer relationships in terms of accounts, or individuals, we can clearly differentiate those who only played one game in the lifecycle of a system from those who played, say, 10 or 20 games, and predict their engagement levels when they purchase their next systems. Among other things that we are considering, we feel that this will enable us to provide hardware to consumers in new and flexible ways.

He also continued to say:

There are avid game fans that look for new information proactively and buy new products no matter how expensive they are, and we, as a video game company, cannot hope for better consumers. In addition to thinking about ways to entertain these consumers, however, we should also consider what we can do to make it easy for people who are perhaps not strongly attracted to games but are always eager to try something fun, to enjoy our propositions. In addition, since many of our entertainment offerings are tailored toward families, instead of viewing our consumers on an individual basis only, we should also think in terms of families and consider what kind of new offer we can make to them. We need to think about creating an environment that is easier for people to enter and start playing games and make sure that those who are potentially interested in our games but are not aware of them are always kept informed. I outlined our mid-term and long-term prospects today with these aspects in mind. To put it in another way, I tried to outline today how, in order to expand the gaming population, we are going to remove some of the obstacles that exist in today’s environment that restrict Nintendo’s business from growing.


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