Sakurai Unveils Smash Bros. 4 Smash Ball + More Information

Smash Bros. 4 Smash Ball

Smash Bros. 4 Smash Ball

Pic of the day. That item that brings victory one step closer…the Smash Ball! Of course everyone wants it! Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced any of the Final Smashes yet… Then again, if I introduced every single one, it’d take over a month’s worth of posts.

Hmm. That’s odd. At the end of his daily micro-blog, Sakurai said that it would take a month’s worth of posts to show off every character’s final smash. Does that mean that characters could have multiple final smash’s this time around? Or could it just mean that there will be tons of characters in the roster? Either way, I’m down for it!

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