Sakurai Talks About Technical Changes Coming To Smash Bros. 4

Sakurai Talks About Smash Bros. 4

If you weren’t aware, Sakurai posts daily photo updates of the Smash Bros. 4 game on Miiverse and also on the Smash Bros official website. Although sometimes the shots can be a bit mediocre, Masahiro Sakurai has posted some important information on minor technical changes to the fighting system. If you can’t see what it says from the image, check out what he had to say below:

Pic of the day. There are many changes being made to attack and defense options for grabbing edges. In this picture, Link is actually trumping Mario’s grab.

Some other changes include: -Air time and accumulated damage will determine your period of invincibility while hanging on an edge. -Grab controls will no longer be affected by whether you have above or below 100% damage.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I didn’t even notice some of the things that he said were being changed. Do you think this will make gameplay better? More exciting maybe? Let me know with a comment below!

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