Runbow Developer Aiming for a August/September Release

Runbow Wii U

Recently in an interview with Shacknews, the developers of upcoming multiplayer brawler Runbow revealed that they’re aiming for a release date of August/September 2015. They also talked about trying to get GameCube controller support for the game (with no luck thus far). Y0u can read an excerpt of the interview below.

Shacknews: A lot of friends have a lot of controllers, many of which they picked up because of last year’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. With that said, are there any plans to add GameCube controller support?

Proctor: We have looked into it. It is currently only branded as a “Smash Bros. periperal,” so unfortunately, we can’t get access to that. We do have support for Wii U Pro Controllers, we are working on a patch to plug in seven Wii Remotes, we have support for the Wii Classic Controller, as you’ve seen, and we’ve also added support for the Nunchuk. Worst case scenario, someone’s got a Nunchuk, they can use half the controller. It’s got all the buttons you need. We just want everybody to get the biggest experience they can.

Shacknews: And you’re still aiming for a Q3 release?

Proctor: That’s the dream! Depending on who you ask on the team, that’ll either be August or September.

Source: Shacknews

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