[Rumor]New 3DS to be Region Free and NNID Changes Coming Soon

New Nintendo 3DS

Today on Twitter a user by the name of NiNTENDOMiNATiON tweeted that there is a possibility of the new 3DS being region free.  The tweet also stated that big NNID changes are coming.

If this is true, it would be really great for us as consumers.  Nintendo has always been very stubborn about their region locking, being able to play a game that you import from Japan without buying a Japanese 3DS would be really great.  If this new 3DS is region free then that could mean we’ll be seeing a Wii U update to add region free capabilities.

I think I’m more excited for changes to the NNID.  The 3DS getting NNIDs would be great and greatly increase the ease of adding players.  The 3DS still uses the old Nintendo friend code system which is a pain to use.  Let us know what you think about the possible changes below, and have a great day!

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