RUMOR: Sonic Boom Dev Big Red Button Suffered Staff Exodus During Development

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric shipped last week for Wii U, and it’s been declared a dud. Rot with bad glitches and bugs and boring gameplay, it’s another bad Sonic game for everyone concerned. However, it may have turned out that way not simply through misguided game design, but also internal strife on the development team, Big Red Button Entertainment. Recently, some Tweets were sent out via Wonder Tamaki, a writer at Unseen64 and reported via TSSZ News, that shed some light on Sonic Boom’s desultory results.

If rumors are true, then BRB suffered a large loss of staff as far back as July. According to Tamaki on Twitter, the ranks of exiled employees who left included artists, senior level designers, and even the original producer of Sonic Boom. Apparently, they were dissatisfied with the project’s progression. The departure of major staff should clue curious parties in as to why Sonic Boom shipped in such an unpolished and obviously unfinished state.

Whatever happened to the employees at BRB or who have left, we hope that they will bounce back on their feet. Either way, it’s a real shame that Sonic Boom only further tarnished the reputation of SEGA’s mascot character. It’s also worth bearing that Sonic Boom, both on Wii U and 3DS, count as the third game in SEGA’s exclusivity deal with Nintendo. This means that SEGA may no longer be obligated to bring any exclusive titles to Wii U in the near future, considering Sonic Boom may have suffered low sales due to word-of-mouth.

What are your thoughts on the supposed state of Sonic Boom’s development? Are you concerned if this is Big Red Button’s last game?

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