RUMOR: Pokémon Stars In Development For Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Sun and Moon may have only just launched, but it looks like the series is going to move to the Nintendo Switch very soon. A third version of Pokémon Sun and Moon, codenamed Pokémon Stars, is in development at Game Freak for a late-2017 release on the Switch.

According to the report from Eurogamer, Pokémon Stars has been in co-development with Sun and Moon, but was put on hold while the final polish was put on those two. The Alola Region and its visuals will be the same in Pokémon Stars, but with much higher art assets for HD display. In fact, an example of those high-end assets were seen in the Sun and Moon announcement trailer, via a Pikipek character model.

Trading between Pokémon Sun and Moon on the 3DS and Stars on the Switch will be possible via the Pokémon Bank app, indicating that a version of the 3DS app will also appear on the Switch. More Pokémon and features will also be added from the original Sun and Moon, similar in the vein of past “third version” games like Emerald and Platinum.

If this rumor turns out true, this generation of Pokémon would be the first to span two generations of Nintendo hardware. The Pokémon Company has previously confirmed their support of the Nintendo Switch. A major Pokémon game, not just a spin-off, would also provide a major boost for the Switch’s burgeoning library.

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