[Rumor] New Nintendo 3DS Specs Leaked – Codename Revealed?

New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendomination’s Tilmen has received information from an unknown source that claims the new Nintendo 3DS will be codenamed Snake.

The hardware on the new Nintendo 3DS is said to have 3 times more clockspeed, a doubled RAM, an L2 Cache (memory bank) and the same GPU and VRAM.

Tilmen says that Nintendo already has developer kits in production for this console, meaning that we’ll be able to play more games with highly polished graphics that require more power. Tilmen says that most developers that he’s contacted have received that information directly from Nintendo.

Keep in mind that these  are only rumors, but Tilmen’s video shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt as he has proven many times that the rumors he leaks are true.

Do you think these supposed leaks could be real? Fake? Sound off in the comments section below!

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