Rosalina & Luma Announced for Super Smash Bros for WII U/3DS

Rosalina was just announced for Smash 4 today with a beautiful CG trailer; and is launch staring towards her first debut in the Smash Bros Series!

One thing that really sticks out after speculating is that her moves collaborate with her Luma, which is the chubby star that usually follows her around. The trailer features a variety of different Lumas in battle, such as the default yellow Luma, the green, the red, the white, and the blue Luma. This could mean that they have separate attributes and/or strengths like Olimar’s pikmin. It’s also shown that you can have them out whenever you desire, like Olimar’s ability to pluck his pikmin out at his leisure.

Many more cool and innovative abilities are shown in the trailer.



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