Rodea the Sky Soldier Finally Headed Westward in 2015

They said it couldn’t be done, but NIS America has achieved the impossible. The long-in-development Rodea the Sky Soldier is marching ever closer to release, and fans in the west won’t have to wait long. Not only is the anticipated new game from producer Yuji Naka coming to Japan in April, but NIS America will be publishing the game for North America in 2015 this fall.

Originally announced in 2011, Rodea was developed by Probe and Kadokawa Games for the Wii, but could not find a publisher before the platform bottomed out. The game resurfaced last year having transitioned development to the Wii U and 3DS. XSEED, who is publishing the game in Japan, declined to bring it over to the west due to a number of resource and localization issues the company would face under such a large game. Despite all this, the gameplay remains the same: a third-person action shooter, inspired by games like Nights: into Dreams or Sin & Punishment.

As is the case in Japan, the Wii U version will include the original Wii copy of Rodea free of charge. You can pre-order both versions of the game right now on Amazon if you’re so inclined. Let us know if this is the third party Nintendo game you’ve been waiting for in the comments.

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