At Always Nintendo, we strive to review the best (and the worst) games that are offered on Nintendo’s portable and home consoles! We score our games based on:


Did we have fun while playing it? Was the gameplay tedious and repetitive? This is what gets summed up in the enjoyment category!


Clunky Controls are definitely a bummer. Smooth Controls are great to have!


At Always Nintendo, we enjoy games that offer a challenge, but games that go overboard with the difficulty, or games that are too easy shouldn’t expect to get a great score here…


Replayability shows that a game has tons of fun and unique content to bring to the table! It’s definitely something that we keep an eye out for in our reviews!

Game Design & Mechanics

At Always Nintendo, we love to see new and fresh game design! This will definitely play into how we score our reviews!


Although graphics in games that we review don’t have to be high-detailed 3D models, we DO like to see some polish in the games. A game that’s visually appealing makes itself THAT much easier to review!

Sound & Music

Finally, Sound & Music! Great music and ambient sound can make a game more immersive (and in some cases even makes the gamer come back for more). If music in a game is ugly, don’t expect a great score here…

Always Nintendo’s reviews are based off of these gameplay elements because they can either make a player’s experience with the game completely amazing, or absolutely terrible!  Have an issue with a score that we’ve given a game? No problem! Just send an email over to and we’ll see if we can do a second opinion review!