Retailer-Exclusive Lucario Amiibo Sold Out at Toys R Us

Lucario Amiibo

So far there are four third-wave retailer-exclusive amiibo figurines available—an elite group in which Lucario just happens to be a part of. Unfortunately, if you’ve been looking for a Lucario amiibo, your search just got a little bit harder as Toys R Us has now confirmed that all of their Lucario amiibo pre-orders have been sold out. As if it wasn’t already a pretty dire situation, we’re unsure whether Lucario amiibos will be restocked any time soon after their initial shipment, so cross those fingers and pray to the Nintendo gods that amiibo hunters will be able to get their hands on one alongside the likes of other retailer exclusive amiibo such as Meta Knight and Shulk. Have you seen any Lucario amiibo figures swimming around? Did you get the chance to pick one up? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Toys R Us

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