The Regginator Taking Over Nintendo of America HQ Tomorrow at 5 PM PT

It seems as though there is a rumor going around the Nintendo HQ that the Regginator is planning to take over Nintendo of America’s Twitter account tomorrow at around 5 PM Pacific Time. From the looks of it, he may be wanting to answer some questions, but you never know, this could be his plan to take over Nintendo fans and brainwash them into ready bodies that say “Meh.” at his command or much worse: Bronies.

Word around Nintendo of America HQ is that #Regginator will take over this account again at 5 PM PT tom. What do you want to #AskReggie? -@NintendoAmerica

What will you be asking the Regginator? If you need to ask him a question, just make a tweet with the hashtag #AskReggie and keep a look out to see if he replies! Just remember, Reggie is always watching…


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