Recommendation: Space Lift Danger Panic! (3DS eShop)

Space Lift Danger Panic! 3DS eShop

Space Lift Danger Panic! is a little title on the 3DS eShop that I highly recommend picking up. Your goal is to rescue space lift passengers who are falling to their impending doom. You can save said passengers by opening portals on the bottom screen of your Nintendo 3DS that teleport the passengers to a safe location.

Right off the bat you’re thrown into the gameplay which offers a healthy dose of challenge throughout the course of the later levels. If you find yourself struggling, more lives can be purchased at the in-game shop with coins picked up in the levels. Although Space Lift Danger Panic! doesn’t deliver any new or interesting concepts late-game, it’s something that can be enjoyed in bite-sized sessions.

The game does have quite a few interesting extras such as survival mode and a surprisingly deep storyline squished in-between levels. If you’re looking for something to pass the time, I definitely recommend adding this title to your collection.

Space Lift Danger Panic! is now available for purchase on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $3.49.

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