Rainbow Road For Smash Bros. 4 On 3DS Now Confirmed

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If you check out the official Smash Bros. website, you’ll see that there is now a picture up of Rosalina & Luma fighting Samus. If you are a Nintendo fan and have a sharp eye, you’ll have noticed that this stage was teased in Rosalina’s announcement trailer. Here’s what Nintendo’s UK Magazine said:

Presumably the cruise-type stage description references the fact that players will battle on a stage that cruises around the Rainbow Road. The screenshot itself reveals more about Rosalina and Luma, as Luma uses a Star Cannon to blast Rosalina away from an incoming Samus missile attack. This particular Rainbow Road is for the 3DS version, presumably based on Mario Kart 7 but it seems extremely likely that the Wii U version will also gets its own Rainbow Road, taken from Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 8.

Lot’s of great insight! Are you excited for this stage? What do you think it will have to offer? Let us know below!

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