Quizzes Galore When U Host

…And the answer is, “an eShop game built on the Nintendo Web Framework brought to you by the clever guys at Bear Box Media.”

What is “U Host?”

Ding, ding, ding!

Pure Nintendo announced earlier today that the devs behind Internal Invasion are working on a brand spanking new quiz game, except this time you’ll be asking the questions. Your questions, your rules, your everything! Each question can have up to four selectable answers Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-style, but you can also set parameters to recreate Wheel of Fortune and even some classic board games.

And what is any good game show without its beautiful contestants? U Host allows up to five players, one delegated to hosting duties while everyone else is blurting out answers at the top of their lungs. Each contestant has a variety of ways to buzz in whether it be using a Wiimote, a Pro Controller, or even their own voice. The devs are also creating a special app that will let players use their smartphones as a buzzer. Talk about nifty, huh?

Of course, only the host wields the almighty GamePad to conduct his wicked ‘quiz’ardy, making it easy to imagine some heated 5 vs. 1 competitions breaking out. Don’t have any friends to compete against? Me neither… But never fear, Bear Box is including a single-player mode too, so bullet dodged there.

Come on download this eShop exclusive when it’s available sometime in the next few months.



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