PSA: Nintendo’s Third Quarter Financial Briefing to Begin Within Hours

It’s the end of January and a very important event is about to unfold. Nintendo’s financial briefing for their Q3 Report is taking place on January 28th Japan time. Nintendo will surely have much to talk about to their investors, following a busy holiday season in 2014. The Wii U is in a slightly better place thanks to Super Smash Bros. and amiibo (especially amiibo), but now the company must announce what their intentions are for the future of the platform.

More pressingly, they did not disclose any 3DS hardware sale numbers in the States (at least), so this is the time to come clean about how well the platform sold this past quarter (they are rumored to be soft due to the ongoing wait for the New 3DS/XL that has already launched in Japan and Australia).

Among other topics, we may hear more concrete information about Nintendo’s tentative plans for their Club Nintendo placement, their plans to reduce overhead costs, and their continued QOL initiative. Will we hear more about the company’s plans for DS on Virtual Console, more about the different forms of amiibo? We’ll find out.

Nintendo’s briefing is expected within hours Eastern Standard Time. Stay tuned to Always Nintendo as we bring you updates over the next day.


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