Protect Me Knight 2 Storms 3DS

They sure don’t make games like they used to, but that’s okay because there’s developers like Ancient out there that are making new games sort of like they used to. Protect Me Knight 2, a sequel to the Xbox Live Indie title released back in 2010, is one part tower defense and one part retro RPG where players protect a helpless princess from evil foreign invaders.

The original featured a fun four-player local co-op mode and fortunately this returns in the 3DS sequel. Better yet, your friends don’t even need a copy because co-op is now handled via Download Play, which means everyone gets their own screen to savor. Protect Me Knight 2 also adds two new classes to the mix. Joining the ranks of the Fighter, Amazon, Ninja, and Mage are the Archer and horseback Jiiya knight. One’s a slick long-range specialist while the other uses a kooky whirling-dervish-meets-charging-bull offense with some projectiles thrown in too because why not?

Ancient, co-founded by composer Yuzo Koshiro of Sonic the Hedgehog and Etrian Odyssey fame, plans to release Protect Me Knight 2 this September in Japan. No word on whether this one’s coming west any time soon, but you never know–the first game somehow made it over after all.

(Via Siliconera)

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