Project X Zone 2 is Coming West

In an announcement trailer aired yesterday, Bandai Namco Entertainment America announced that Project X Zone 2 would see a release worldwide. For those unfamiliar, the Project X Zone series are a tactical RPGs featuring characters from Capcom, Bandai Namco, and now, SEGA. The games were developed by Monolith Soft, the same people responsible for Xenoblade Chronicles and the Baten Kaitos series, so they come with quite a pedigree.

The trailer has so far confirmed these characters:

  • Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine (Residen Evil: Revelations)
  • Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 6)
  • Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima (Yakuza: Dead Souls)
  • Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia)
  • Dante and Vergil (Devil May Cry)
  • Erica Fontaine and Ichiro Ogami (Sakura Wars)
  • Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima (Tekken)
  • X and Zero (Megaman X)
  • Akria Yuki and Kage Maru (Virtua Fighter)
  • Kite (.hack//)
  • Haseo (.hack//G.U.)
  • Strider Hiryu (Strider)
  • Hotsuma (Shinobi)
  • Natsu (Soul Calibur V)

Like the original game, the sequel will appear on Nintendo 3DS. Are there any characters you are hoping will be added to the roster?

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