Project M 3.5 Trailer + Release Date

The super slick Melee mod of Super Smash Bros. Brawl known as Project M is getting another major update with version 3.5, and to say it’s been upgraded just doesn’t do it justice.

Fun alternate costumes for fighters, brand new stages along with tweaks to existing ones, an expertly-designed debug mode, fully-functional Subspace Emissary and Event modes to accommodate added Melee characters like Roy and Mewtwo, and of course major enhancements to the overall gameplay make this mod arguably the most lavish Smash Bros. experience ever. All of this can be yours on November 14th–a full week before Super Smash Bros. for Wii U releases. Like, whoa.

While Project M does feel remarkably similar to its GameCube ancestor, it definitely carves out a distinct identity all of its own. For example, the very spirit of Melee is present in Project M what with all the techniques like wavedashing and the more speed-oriented flow of matches, but many characters like Brawl newcomers Lucas and Ivysaur have been given drastic moveset facelifts and it looks as though Melee veterans Ganondorf and Zelda will be joining their company with this 3.5 update.

Has your fancy been tickled? Of course it has, this is Smash Bros. we’re talking about–you need more of it in your life. Visit the Project M site for the full lowdown on 3.5’s additions and changes, and there might also be something about how download this update in the very near future.

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