Pokémon: Zygarde Formes Clarified

Not two days after an early reveal in CoroCoro Magazine, Pokémon.com has officially revealed all the new forms for the Pokémon Zygarde. Much of what was revealed in the magazine still holds, although Zygarde’s previous Perfect Forme is now called its Complete Forme in English versions.

According to the official site, here’s how the Pokémon changes from a helpless cell into an all-powerful being:

Zygarde Cell: This stage has been identified as the single Cells that make up Zygarde. Cells do not possess any will or thought processes. They’re found scattered throughout the region. Since they can’t use any moves, researchers question whether they can even be called Pokémon!

Zygarde Core: At this stage, this aspect of Zygarde is little more than a part of the Pokémon’s brain. Unlike the Cells, the Cores are self-aware and can communicate with Cells and other Cores via telepathy. When a change occurs in the local region’s ecosystem, Cores have been known to take action.

Zygarde 10% Forme: Zygarde 10% is the Forme that the Zygarde Core takes when it gathers 10% of the Cells nearby. Capable of traveling over 60 mph (100 km/h), it defeats enemies with its sharp fangs and its incredible speed.

Zygarde Complete Forme: This is the perfect Forme that Zygarde takes when the Core gathers 100% of the Cells. When the ecosystem is under threat, and the Core concludes that the 50% Forme will be unable to deal with it, the Core takes on the Complete Forme. Its power is said to be greater than that of the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal!

In addition, the site brought up the specially designed Ash-Greninja, the form taken when the bond between Ash and Greninja is at its most powerful. It is a phenomenon that happened in Kalos once before hundreds of years ago (perhaps relating to AZ and his unique Floette, unavailable through normal gameplay).

The site copped to the fact that the Pokémon XY & Z anime will begin airing in Japan on October 29th, implying that the English dub will not be far behind.

Despite all this talk about Zygarde’s new forms, no core series game has yet to be announced to tie all of this together. Keep watching Always Nintendo for the inevitable announcement of a Pokémon Z-type experience.

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