Pokémon Shuffle Adds New Stages and Special Groudon Event

Pokémon Shuffle on the Nintendo 3DS received an update today, bringing with it 15 normal stages and an expert stage plus a limited time event. This event, running from today until April 27, gives players the chance to catch Groudon in a 20-turn stage. The first time the stage is completed the player is awarded 3000 coins as a bonus.


According to Serebii.net, the newest set of stages are set in a place called the Wacky Workshop. I won’t spoil what Pokémon you will meet, that is part of the fun after all, but I will say I am personally excited about this update. Keep in mind, in order to access these new levels, you will have had to have cleared all previous ones (excluding expert and special stages).

How do you feel about this latest update? Have you already gotten started on the new stages? Share your thoughts and/or progress in the comments!

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