Pokémon Rumble U Updated Password List

Pokémon Rumble U (Kyurem)

We’ve given you guys a list of some Pokémon Rumble U passwords in the past, but here’s an updated version of the list. It’s filled with much more Pokémon! Enjoy!

Pokémon Move 1 Move 2 Special Trait Password
Serperior Frenzy Plant Dragon Tail Gift 07461322
Charizard Blast Burn Dragon Claw Gift 68110948
Dragonite Draco Meteor Fire Blast Gift 91698319
Rotom Shadow Ball Thunder Gift 04417308
Whimsicott Razor Leaf Giga Drain Gift 65501535
Oshawott Razor Shell Tail Whip Gift 23906908
Hydreigon Dark Pulse Draco Meteor Gift 93173657
Piplup Drill Peck Hydro Pump Gift 72679922
Samurott Ice Beam Hydro Cannon Gift 80889856
Bulbasaur Razor Leaf SolarBeam Gift 94283937
Snorlax Strength Flamethrower Gift 43265987
Stunfisk Discharge Mud Shot Gift 02337796
Garchomp Fire Fang Dragon Claw Gift 97988814
Zoroark Night Daze Flamethrower Gift 04811884
Sableye Fake Out Confuse Ray Gift 52051808
Dunsparce Rollout Blizzard Gift 73442047
Chandelure Fire Blast Shadow Ball Gift 79702521
Eelektross Thunderbolt Coil Gift 88508880
Snivy Leaf Tornado Iron Tail Gift 55149930
Tepig Flame Charge Rollout Gift 17171075
Oshawott Razor Shell Swords Dance Gift 45507682
Magikarp Splash Hydro Pump Gift 16713311
Gyarados Dragon Rage Thrash Gift 60536144
Haxorus Dual Chop Dragon Dance Gift 53658779
Hydreigon Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Gift 78897697
Eelektross Crunch Discharge Gift 78871053
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