Pokémon Go Announced for iOS & Android for 2016

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are partnering with Niantec to deliver an Augmented Reality (AR) experience for Pokémon fans…on mobile. Pokémon Go was announced last night as part of a press conference for Pokémon’s future business strategy. Developed by Niantec, the creators of Ingress, this mobile spin-off will re-create the Pokémon experience like never seen before.

Based on the trailer, which is conceptual at this stage, the game uses geocaching to locate Pokémon that seemingly hide in every nook and cranny. Players can capture them with the ability to trade and battle with other copies of Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go.jpg

The game also works with a wearable accessory, the Pokémon Go Plus. Designed to give users a break from using their phones the entire play session, this device alerts players of events nearby through rumble and light notifications. It communicates with phones via Bluetooth.


Pokémon director Junichi Masuda will have involvement on the project in order to ensure a faithful representation of the Pokémon series. He also hinted that Pokémon Go will be able to communicate with future entires of the main series games.

Much like earlier mobile Pokémon games, Pokémon Go will be free-to-play with microtransactions. Pokémon Go will launch for iOS and Android in 2016, coinciding with the franchises’ 20th anniversary.

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