Pokémon Bank Offering Johto Starters with Hidden Abilities

Pokemon Bank Johto Starters

Pokémon Bank has been an indispensable resource for hardcore Pokémon players since early-2014 (when it launched worldwide following server issues in Japan). The cloud-storage program has incentivized players to pay its $4.99 annual fee by offering the free Pokémon Celebi in the first nine months of its operation. A year later, a new giveaway has been announced. Pokémon Bank subscribers who connect from February 27th until November 30th will receive the Johto starter evolutions, Meganium, Typloshion, and Feraligatr, for free with their unreleased Hidden Abilities.

Each Pokémon is at level 50, and the trio come with the Hidden Abilities Leaf Guard, Flash Fire, and Sheer Force respectively. Meganium comes with the moves Solar Beam, Sunny Day, Synthesis and Body Slam. Typloshion is equipped with Overheat, Flame Wheel, Flame Charge and Swift, and Feraligatr will have Ice Punch, Crunch, Waterfall and Screech.

To earn these Pokémon, players of Pokémon Bank will need to connect with any Gen VI game (X,Y, OR, AS) and obtain their new event Pokémon with their game’s ‘Pokémon Link’ option. There is a limit of one each per game. Keep watching for February 27th for your new Johto Pokémon.

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