Playtonic Officially Reveals Kickstarter Project Yooka Laylee

Playtonic Studios have long been teasing their Banjo-Kazooie spiritual follow-up, Project Ukeleke. Today, the studio has formerly unveiled the final name of the project: Yooka Laylee, which launches its formal Kickstarter campaign tomorrow. It is named so for its titular heroes, seen below.

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Yooka is a chameleon, and Laylee is a bat. Together, they’ll be teamed up to explore vast levels of 3D platforming akin to the Nintendo 64 era. As is befitting of a game developed by ex-Rare developers, the main characters were designed by Steve Mayles, the same artist who originally designed Banjo and Kazooie.

Playtonic has promised to IGN that Yooka Laylee is planned for Wii U, PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. Anyone who contributes to the Kickstarter will be able to buy the game for a special discounted price of $15 USD. Extras include goodies such as a soundtrack, art books, and a “64-bit mode” in tribute to the team’s Nintendo 64 heritage.

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