Platinum Games Teases New Game, More Bayonetta in the Works

Bayonetta 2 from Platinum Games has been out for a few months, but it sounds like the developer isn’t resting just yet. As a Christmas gift to its fans, Platinum Games director Yusuke Hashimoto and producer Akiko Kuroda have confirmed to 4gamer that a new game is already in development. In addition, something “Bayonetta-related” is to be revealed in 2015.

Hashimoto told 4gamer that, “We’re working really hard to make it something people will absolutely want to play for themselves.” Whether this game will be a download release, or a full-retail title is under speculation. Also unknown is what the Bayonetta franchise will be granted for the year. It is possible that this announcement could be a DLC expansion or not. Perhaps it could be a teaser for a franchise spin-off, including anime, a soundtrack, or merchandise of the sort.

No specific time frame was given on when the announcement from Platinum will be made. What do you think Platinum Games will deliver in 2015?

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