Pixels Become Plushie with Jakks Pacific’s 8 Bit Plush Series

Toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific has had done some fun things with popular Nintendo licenses recently. These guys are the ones who created the Mario Kart you can actually ride in (if you are a child under 55 pounds). They are also responsible for the World of Nintendo line of collectible figures.

Their latest release, series of 8-bit plushes, caters more to the retro-loving crowd and I love them for it. Featuring Mario, Luigi, and Legend of Zelda‘s Link, these plush blasts from gaming past seem to be a hit. The pre-order allotment at Big Bad Toy Store is already sold out. That’s right; I said “pre-order. These puppies aren’t even shipping until this July. If you had your heart set on acquiring them, they are still available to pre-order as a set with all three characters over at Entertainment Earth. They will cost $54.99. I imagine they will be available for purchase individually post-release but it may take a while before they are back in stock and even then it is no guarantee.

Those wanting more details on the plushes, such as measurements and so on, will have to wait until closer to the shipping date as the only information available is the weight (1.4 pounds). But it is unclear whether that is the combined weight of the three or that of an individual plush.

Would you buy a set or a single character? Post your opinions in the comments!

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