Ping 1.5+ Beta Footage Released – Prepare For “Pingstep”

Ping 1.5+ Wii U

Christopher Arnold (owner of indie game studio Nami Tentou Mushi), has been having some fun with his beta testers it seems. They’ve made an exhilarating  Dubstep/gameplay mashup appropriately titled “Pingstep”! This video shows off the amazing visuals in the game and gives us a peek at some of the wacky references to some well-known retro games favoured by gamers everywhere. (as well as some newer ones).

Here’s a brief recap of what Ping is all about:

“PING is basically a remix of PONG. PONG didn’t have much except the simple pong physics and bouncing back and forth with a paddle. We took that bouncing block idea and turned it into a puzzle style game. Some people have compared it to mini golf and I find that description pretty accurate. You had 1 shot to make the cube to the orange and you had to count your bounces too to make sure you didn’t bounce too many times on the way there. The graphics are extremely faithful to the Atari (minus the 8 bit orange) and it ran very well on all Android devices because it was such a low demanding game.”

If you’re interested in the game and want to know more about it, check out our interview with Nami Tentou Mushi right here!

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