Pikmin at Tokyo Film Festival

Pikmin 3DS Theme

Shigeru Miyamoto’s Side Project

Sometime back we mentioned the upcoming appearances of Pikmin in the late October Tokyo Film Festival. It is a series of three short films, The Night Juicer, Treasures In A Bottle, and Occupational Hazards, and originally began at the same time as Pikmin 3. You’ll see in the video that Miyamoto thought that Pikmin was a franchise that may have been better suited for a medium where input could be fed to the player, rather than the other way around like in the games, due to its highly photogenic nature. In many ways, one may be able to agree with that. Even back on the Gamecube it was really a benchmark for aesthetic prowess in terms of what the hardware could pump out. In fact, he goes on to explain that he only got into this film project because of how similar the two mediums, gaming and filming, have become over his lifetime as a result of the graphical animated nature of gaming.

Miyamoto insists this is merely just a side project as gaming is still where his heart will remain, but why such an off-road venture? Can we expect this from future titles? In a post-Wii era one would imagine there is a much smaller market for such detail oriented cinematics. Heck, we even just posted an article about the latest Smash trailer being ostracized for such lack of cinematic quality, quality that could be found even going back to the Gamecube era when Pikmin first came on the scene. In any case, it’s nice quirk from Nintendo even if it isn’t a sign of things to come (but hopefully it is!).

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