Phoenix Wright Takes Layton to Court This Week

Fall is just around the corner, but why not round out this summer with a couple days in court? Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney finally hits US store shelves later this week.

This Level-5/Capcom collaboration promises to be the perfect blend of perplexing puzzles and outrageous courtroom antics as these beloved characters’ worlds collide. Ace Attorney scribe Shu Takumi handled the game’s scenario after skipping out on last year’s Dual Destinies, so expect this one to be ripe with his signature brand of humor and wit. On a more depressing note, hunky Layton and Phoenix Wrong won’t be making an appearance even though they were considered during the title’s development.

The star-studded 3DS crossover drops August 29th followed by some free downloadable content in the coming weeks. No word yet if the DLC will contain any sign of that gorgeous Robo-Layton design, but fans can always dream.

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