PAX Prime 2015: Yacht Club Games

Last weekend’s PAX Prime was a whirlwind of reveals, exhibits, and previews. One of the booth’s that most stuck out in my mind belonged to Yacht Club Games, creators of the retro platformer hit Shovel Knight. The studio brought two big showstoppers with them: a prototype of the recently revealed Shovel Knight amiibo and the opportunity to go hands-on with the upcoming Plague of Shadows expansion for Shovel Knight.



Let’s talk about the amiibo for a moment. I was truly impressed by this shoveling fellow. The game’s art style lent itself well to the three-dimensional medium and I thought the paved brick base was a clever touch. The figure was still a prototype but I have high hopes for this one.



On each end of the booth were stations set up to try the new expansion. I noticed the attendees who picked up the controller stuck around for a while. The gameplay is slightly different different than that of the original. You play as Plague Knight and he handles a bit differently (to remain true to his character). From what I saw of the game, all the charm and genius of the main story remains and is expanded upon. And I could write a whole post on that soundtrack.


Speaking of the soundtrack, it was for sale at the booth along with several other pieces of Shovel Knight merchandise. Most of the items were made by We Love Fine. They had shirts, bags, that adorable Shovel Knight plush, and a set of pins.

Yacht Club Games’ booth was one of the few that I went back to several times over the weekend. The team were very friendly and enthusiastic. You could tell they really cared about the game and where it went. I definitely respect that.

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