Paper Mario and 3D Classics Kid Icarus for Club Nintendo Members

Club Nintendo for North America updated their Game Rewards for this month to include the 3D classics version of Kid Icarus and Paper Mario for the Wii Virtual Console. If you have the coins and desire to try these legendary titles out, now (until August 3rd) is the time to pick them up.

Great Opportunity to Pick Up these Classics

Great Opportunity to Pick Up these Classics

The 3D Classics Kid Icarus was released in celebration of Kid Icarus: Uprising which is a great game as well. The updated classic includes a 3D background and save files as well as the ability to customize controls. Paper Mario is a Nintendo 64 RPG title released in 2001. Currently, you can only play it on the Wii or Wii Menu on the Wii U. However, the game looks pretty good on the Wii U’s gamepad screen. Here’s hoping that Nintendo will allow the Gamepad to be seen as a classic controller as well as bring this amazing game to the Wii U Virtual Console. Now excuse me as I go play Paper Mario.

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