Palutena Leaked As Playable Character In Super Smash Bros. 4?

Palutena In Smash Bros.


NeoGAF user Fiktion has found some leaked images of Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS featuring Palutena! The question is, is she playable? From the looks of the full-scale models, I think she is! Then again, this is just a rumor. If you’re one of those people who are pretty skeptical, no, this is not a model from the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR card pack, but some of that functionality would be pretty cool in Smash Bros. on the 3DS! Here’s what the user had to say:

I know what you’re thinking. But we’ve already checked. The model does NOT appear to be from Kid Icarus Uprising, or the AR Card, or any other known existing source.

SuperSah even combed through every bit of released media we have to make sure that the background and the Mario components have not been ripped from existing screenshots. They appear to be completely original.

Originally Posted by SuperSah

Here’s the roundup:

The Mario is NOT in any previous screen.
Her model is NOT from KI:U
The Background is 100% original.

I checked this twice through my whole 3DS collection, looking legit.

Try not to hype incase it’s a good fake, lol.

If it’s a fake, which it might still be, then this is some next level **** [swear word sorry!]. They would have to fake the backgrounds, the Mario model, and the Palutena model with complete verisimilitude. Wouldn’t make a thread otherwise.

So what do you think? If Palutena IS in fact in the game, do you think she’ll be playable? I know for a fact that she was a fan favorite in Kid Icarus: Uprising mainly because of the dialogue exchanged between Pit and herself, BUT we’ll have to wait and see. Let me know what YOU think by leaving a comment below!



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