Pachter: Iwata is not a Capable Leader; says Nintendo “screwed up with the Wii U”

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In an interview with Dual Shockers, famed industry analyst Michael Pachter had a few harsh things to say about Nintendo. I’ve made this little list of stuff that he said:

  • Sony has a capable leader, but Nintendo doesn’t (Iwata)

  • On top of being a terrible leader, Iwata isn’t a good business manager either

  • It’s too late for the Wii U to do well for compelling content

  • Nintendo should realize that the Wii U is not selling and should hound third-party publishers

  • Nintendo’s board probably isn’t smart enough to figure out that Iwata should be replaced

  • Nintendo shouldn’t stop making consoles, but should instead come to the conclusion that they screwed up with the Wii U

  • Nintendo should go back to the drawing board and make more consoles

  • While waiting to release the new console, Nintendo should make money by putting their software on platforms like smartphones

       ^ Clearly this guy hasn’t listened to a thing that Iwata has said these past few months

  • Putting their software on smartphones could convince many potential customers to get the same software when Nintendo’s next console comes out

  • Nintendo putting their software on smartphones would make them visible to a billion people

You can read the full interview here, but only if you’re going not going to get all butthurt over it.

I have no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Why do people like this thrive in the game industry? I want to know what YOU think. Do you agree with what this guy is saying? Let me know by leaving a comment below

Source: Dual Shockers

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