Persona 3 & 4 Protagonists Speak Up in Persona Q

Atlus recently shared new glimpses of its upcoming 3DS dungeon-crawler Persona Q: Shadow of The Labyrinth. This time, English-speaking fans are treated with the speaking debut of Persona 3 hero Makoto Yuki, otherwise known as Dino Styles on my old Persona 3 Portable save file:

And of course Yu Narukami has something to say about all of this too:

Johnny Yong Bosch returns to voice Yu while Yuri Lowenthal (also Yosuke’s VA) lends Makoto his vocals in a big way. It’s still pretty weird hearing these two chat it up after being silent protagonists in their original games, but whatever. As long as they’re saying promiscuous things left and right, I’ll be okay with it. Really okay with it.

Japanese folks have been enjoying Persona Q since early June, but westerners don’t have to wait too much longer. The US gets the high-school crossover on November 25th and Europe’s release date is slated for November 28th. Remember that it comes in two flavors: a premium edition complete with tarot cards, a 3DS XL hard case, an art book, a soundtrack, and the game while the regular version has, uh, the game.


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