The Re-Printed New Super Mario Bros. U Combo Pack is an Ill-Advised Purchase

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Yoshi’s Woolly World wasn’t the only new Wii U release today. This week, Nintendo managed to sneak out a new edition of New Super Mario Bros. U. Yes, a Wii U launch game from 2012 has been given a new printing in the form of New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U, with both Mario games included on the same disc.

The main question is “why?” Why would Nintendo re-release a game that’s already been available since Day One? Nintendo seems to have put this disc out to trade on the innocence of most consumers who may not know how old these games really are. It’s a clear attempt to extrapolate extra dollars out of them. Not to mention cashing in on the recent release of Super Mario Maker, which includes graphics based on New Super Mario Bros. U by gummy!

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The thing is, this disc has existed long before today. Nintendo promoted a Wii U bundle back in late-2013 that included this very same disc, free with the $299.99 console. That bundle was a standard for about a year before being phased out with a bundle that included Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land for the same price. The only difference with the combo disc now is that they put the disc in a red box instead of blue (see top image).

This new printing is considerably uncreative and cynical. New Super Mario Bros. U is one of the best-selling games on Wii U, so was there really the need to re-print it along with its downloadable expansion? The thinking seems to be to grab newcomers to the Wii U ecosystem with a Mario-branded adventure that’s easy to sell to the broad audience. But don’t go rushing out to purchase this disc. The truth is, there are more economical ways to obtain these Mario games.

It’s not usual to promote the sale of used games in any objective piece, but if you can help it, find a cheaper copy of these games at any store wherever possible. GameStop usually has New Super Mario Bros. U listed for $44.99 (and $40 with a Power Up Pro membership). Local gaming stores are also likely to have both games for cheap as well, thanks to their proliferation among the Wii U audience and the plentiful copies in circulation.

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Also avoid downloading it from the Wii U eShop. When New Super Mario Bros. U first launched, its file size clocked in at 2.27 gigabytes (just enough to fit on the Basic 8 gig model). Its expansion pack New Super Luigi U was a mere 731 megabytes. Combined, that’s only asking around 3 gigs of hard drive space.

The combo pack version released today? The digital download takes up a whopping 14 gigs(!) The larger storage space requirement may be attributed to the other included content in the form of 22 select video walkthroughs (many of which are available to watch on YouTube for free).

Just to make things worse, as of today Nintendo has de-listed the original, smaller version of New Mario U from the eShop entirely. You’re now forced to download the combined version (ah, digital capitalism at its finest). If you were hoping to stay strictly digital, now would be a good time to straighten out your Wii U’s storage space, as 14 gigs eats up most of the 32 gigs available in the premium system. And won’t fit on the 8 gig Basic model period.

A release like New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U should not be on any respectable Wii U owner’s radar. The way they have been repackaged from an already existent disc for full retail price puts a bad taste in one’s mouth. If you want to send Nintendo a message, put your $60 somewhere else.

If you’re already a Wii U owner already, buy a cheaper copy of this or something else from the system’s library you haven’t played yet. Or put that money into your amiibo nest egg. And if you’re a Wii U newcomer, try to find a better deal on both New Mario U and New Luigi U.  Both games come in stand-alone discs or in a combo and are readily available for less than full retail price if you get lucky.

Overall, stick to a cheap copy of the retail version. New Super Mario U and New Luigi U are great games after all these years, but $60 for a re-printing is too much too late.

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