Are You One Of the People That Wants A Bayonetta 2 Port? You May Wanna Stop Begging…

Creative Director at Platinum Games, JP Kellam says on Twitter that he’s fed up with all of the begging for a Bayonetta 2 port on the Xbox and Playstation consoles. He does say however that he’ll be happy to deliver the game to patient fans. Here’s a closer look:

“I hate posting anything Bayonetta 2 on our Facebook. Not because I hate Bayonetta 2, but because I hate the pedantic port-begging. It’s been over a year since we announced. We heard you. We get it. We are just happy that we get to make Bayonetta 2 for the patient fans.”

I took a look at his Twitter wall and he doesn’t seem like a very nice guy, but don’t let him rain on your parade! Just wait a little bit longer! Thanks to My Nintendo News for this info!

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  • uPadWatcher

    I couldn’t stop laughing after reading both this article and the producer’s Twitter. Nintendo is the only video game company fully funded PlatinumGames and publishing Bayonetta 2. When this game launches next year, I’ll be playing it loud and praise it via Miiverse.

  • LOL! I’ll be supporting you XD